Novosibirsk, st. Krylova 28/1


AO Novosibirskkhleboprodukt, Novosibirsk region


Arbatsky Vladimir

Manages the elevator OOO Tatarskzernoprodukt and the grain receiving company OOO Ust - Tarskoye HPP in the Novosibirsk Region. Elevator capacity - 130 thousand tons. Annual volume of grain processing and shipment is about 200 thousand tons.

OOO SibBioProduct, Tomsk Region


Guriev Stanislav

The enterprise is part of the agricultural holding company TDS Group, which is engaged in the production and export of organic products from Siberia. Main areas of business: Export of organic and conventional cereals, legumes and oilseeds. Export of feed additives and oil & fat products. Participates in (inter-regional) international economic cooperation. Exports abroad (Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Denmark, Latvia, and Czech Republic). Partnership with foreign transport and certification companies that are accredited by the EU and the USA (Ukraine, Lithuania, Armenia).

ZAO breeding factory Irmen, Novosibirsk region


Bugakov Oleg Yurievich

Based on the volume of marketable products and profit, occupies a leading position in the country. Owns 25 thousand hectares of farmland, including 21 thousand hectares of arable land, of which 3 thousand hectares is irrigated. In the structure of marketable products, milk makes up 72%, meat - 11%, and grain - 8%. Annual grain production is 40-50 thousand tons.

OOO Novosibirsk Food Corporation, Novosibirsk region, Altai region


Teplyakov Alexandr

A diversified Siberian agricultural company. It specializes in crop and livestock production - owns about 500 heads of cattle and 20 thousand hectares of agricultural land, of which 15 thousand hectares are arable land. Manages grain-receiving faciities Zdvinsky and Bolotninsky HPP in the Novosibirsk region, and Ozimovsky HPP in the Altai region, Biysky elevator in the Altai region. Elevators’ total storage capacity is 275 thousand tons; average annual grain turnover is 500 thousand tons.

OOO Prichulymye, Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk Region


Belenya Dmitry

Manufacturer of wheat flour and bran. Annual production volume is over 50 thousand tons.

OOO Fartal, Novosibirsk region


Fadeykin Artyom

Trading company with many years of experience working with and supplying China with grains and oilseeds.

OOO Altai Food Company, Altai region


Balakov Alexandr Anatolyevich

In addition to OOO Altai Food Company, he created a group of companies, where he is the founder. Main activities of the company are crop production of wheat, sunflower seed, rapeseed, flax, lentils, buckwheat, peas, oats, barley, processing of sunflower into Altai Natural sunflower oil, livestock production. The livestock farm has about 13749 head of livestock (13335 - cattle, 414 - pigs). Total area of arable land is about 121.6 thousand hectares. Annual production - about 122.6 thousand tons of grain, 3.4 thousand tons of rapeseed and 28.8 thousand tons of sunflower seed.

AO Orbita, Altai region


Melnikov Alexey

It is part of the SEUS group of companies, along with Korchinsky, Gilevsky, Ovchinnikovsky, Yazevsky, Klyuchevskoy elevators and Kytmanovsky, Zubkovskoye HPP of the Altai region. Elevator capacity is 780 thousand tons. AO Orbita owns 65 thousand hectares of arable land. Grows wheat, flax, rapeseed, buckwheat, and sunflowerseed. Total volume of its production is 135 thousand tons of products. It processes flax, rapeseed, and sunflowerseed into oils. The annual volume of elevators’ trading transshipment is 900 thousand tons.

OOO Siberian Bread Products Plant, Omsk Region


Barinov Ilya

One of the largest grain processing enterprises in Siberia. It includes the Maryanovsky elevator with a capacity of 100 thousand tons, a flourmill with a processing volume of 70 thousand tons of grain per year, a feed mill with a feed production volume of 150 thousand tons per year for farm animals and poultry, a cereal production plant with up to 100 thousand tons per year. Annual volume of processing and transshipment is at least 300 thousand tons. Grain acceptance by road transport is up to 2000 tons per day, loading onto railway transport is more than 2000 tons per day.

IP Movsesyan, Kemerovo region


Movsesyan Arthur

Leading farm of Kuzbass. It has 12 thousand hectares of land, granaries with an area of 30 thousand m2, grows wheat, rapeseed, barley, soy, peas. Annual production volume is 45 thousand tons of grain.

AO Grana, Altai region


Gachman Valery

The largest association of grain processing enterprises in Altai. Includes Tabunsky elevator, Korotoyaksky elevator, Krasnoshchekovsky grain receiving facility, Altai Mills and four agricultural enterprises. AO Grana produces wheat flour, rye flour, and cereals: pearl barley, crushed barley, semolina, peas, wheat and oat, as well as oat flakes, compound feeds and feed mixtures. The annual volume of grain production and processing is more than 500 thousand tons.

A separate subdivision of OOO “Europack-South” in Novosibirsk


Zaguzin Vladimir

Organization of container transportation of grains and vegetable oils. Sending products for export and internally throughout Russia.

Ltd "Lebedi", Kemerovo region.


Bezgans Vladimir

A diversified agricultural company. Specializes in crop production and animal husbandry. The area of arable land is 12 thousand hectares. The granaries have a capacity of 40 thousand tons. The gross harvest of crops is about 40 thousand tons, including around 20 thousand tons of wheat. In addition, rapeseed, barley, peas and oats are grown. The drying facility consists of three drying complexes with a total capacity of 1000 tons per day. The number of cattle is more than 2000 heads.

OOO "RASSVET" Irkutsk region


Alexey Terentiev

The cultivated area of OOO “Rassvet” is 22,9 thousand hectares. Oilseeds are grown: rapeseed and flaxseed, buckwheat and peas, in addition to traditional grain crops. They have the status of a seed farm. They are the owners of the elevator in the city of Tulun, Irkutsk region, with a total capacity of 15 thousand tons